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PF 2022

PF 2022

We wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year 2022 and more than 2022 save miles on your odometer.

The MapFactor team review w220

MapFactor Named Best Android Navigation App of 2021 by

The platform ranked Mapfactor Navigator "Best Free Version" among the most reliable solutions for Android users to get around.

The review lists the Top 10 Android Navigation Apps to Try and compares the features and support available for these apps.

"MapFactor is a great navigation app with a feature-rich free version. The free app includes access to free offline OpenStreetMaps that are regularly updated for accuracy, voice-guided GPS navigation, speed limits and camera warnings, nearby points of interest, and the ability to save your favorite routes for easy reference. MapFactor Navigator CAR Pro offers a wide range of additional features, including professional TomTom standard maps, live HD traffic, and remote commands. For most people, the free version offers everything you need to get around, though it does include some non-intrusive ads. ..."