Navigation software

Map and navigation software for PCs with Windows, PDAs with PocketPC or WinCE and tablets and smartphones with operation systems Android, Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile.

Actis 7W opr

GPS Navigation devices Actis

Complete solutions for navigation. Mobile device with bult-in GPS reciever and pre-installed navigation software.

VTU 10 Small

Vehicle Tracking

MapFactor offers simple and cost effective way how to make your fleet more efficient – GPS Tracking. Localize and track your cars in the maps to the level of streets, plan your routes or manage your fleet by synoptical and simple reports. GPS Tracking (when connected with navigation Actis 7 or navigation software Navigator) enables reciprocal communication between the driver and the dispatcher. It is possible to send data from the cars into bigger logistic systems online (e.g. DHL, Lloyds Bank, Progress Vehicle Leasing, Norton Car Hire). GPS Tracking can serve also as a securing for your cars.

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BlueTooth GPS (HI 338)

GPS Modules

GPS devices.


OCX for developers

MapFactor OCX modules for developers