Map customisation

In Navigator you can customise the map. Adjust the sizes of texts, roads and icons, choose which POI types to display on the map or change the map colours.


Go to Settings / Map customisation.

Map scale

Using the Map Scale menu you can adjust sizes of texts, roads and icons.

For example, if your priority is legible street names and POI are less important, you can enlarge the text size and reduce the size of icons.

Map scale setting in mapfactor GPS Navigation app

You can easily adjust the map scale while viewing the map as well. Just long-tap the screen and choose Map Scale in the Quick actions menu which appears.

Points of Interest

You can also choose which POI types you want to see on the map. There are 6 categories, each including more than 10 POI types. You can choose to display only the types which you really want to see on the map. This way, the number of icons displayed diminishes, making the map clearer.

POI-types customisation in mapfactor Navigator app

Map colours

Furthermore, if you have some favourite colours, other than those, which are used in Navigator, you can adjust the map colours and colour scheme to suit your preferences better.

For this you can use the Colour Schemes Editor. There are several predefined schemes you can choose from, or you can create your own.

Colour schemes editor in mapfactor GPS Navigation app

You can set which colour scheme to use for day and night mode in the Map colours setting.

Map colours setting menu in mapfactor GPS Navigation app Map colours setting possibilities in mapfactor Navigator

In Night mode you can adjust when to switch between day and night mode.

Night mode setting in mapFactor Navigator.

In Other colours you choose colours of the navigation highlight, the alternative routes, the NMEA/GPX highlight or the colour of the GPS arrow.

Setting of other colours in mapfactor GPS Navigation

Go though these settings and make Navigator your own personal navigation.