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Navigator unter Top 10 besten Navi App für Android 2017

Es freut uns dass Navigator unter Top 10 besten Navi Apps für Android 2017 in einer Review von aufgeführt wurde.

Top 10 Best Navigation Apps for Android 2017 (GPS Apps like Google Maps)
MapFactor uses OpenStreetMaps (OSM) map data, which works well without an internet connection when using it, making it an offline navigation app.
As an app that rivals Sygic’s own solution in terms of popularity, and, with a rating of 4.4 out 5, it offers all the features of SatNav (not listed here) like turn-by-turn directions, the option to change your route depending on whether you’re driving a car or just walking and audible noise warnings when you approach speed cameras. Give MapFactor a try, we doubt anything can go wrong.

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