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OCX modules with license for tracking 5 vehicles

Price: 165.50 EUR

Price (VAT incl.): 200.00 EUR



The OCX Map module is intended to be the integral part of the Win32 application which would show the geographic maps, get the information about the objects in these maps, track vehicles, optimise traffic routes and provide other GIS-related functions. Using high level OCX Module shortens a development time of your Visual C++ and Visual Basic application -- there is no need for writing your own painting, highlighting, routing and tracking objects -- instead of this laborous work you use simple and scalable interfaces. The OCX map module is provided with the rich and optimised geographic data of many countries from leading GIS data companies.

The kit is built on the top of the MapFactor Multiplatform Mapping Technology. It means the core functionality is identical or similar to the functionality of the MapFactor/InfoMap Navigator (the multiplatform desktop mapping application) which has the same technology built in. Also, the Navigator product is sometimes reffered in this text.

Although both Navigator and OCX Controls set are different products and can be installed independently, we recommend you to see the Navigator in action before you start programming OCX controls -- the look of the maps, provided features and responses of the aplication can give you the general picture of the functionality you can integrate into your future applications.



The mapping technology can be integrated into various applications, ie. not necessarily into GIS centric projects. The uses and needs may be highly specific: Showing the geographic map is not the same task as computing the optimised route (itinerary) through the traffic network of the country, analogically, the search for some particular geographic object is not the same task as showing this object on the map.

Therefore the design of the OCX object set must be modular and the decisions about feature implementation must be in the hands of the developer integrating the highest application level (that's you).

The OCX module consists of several OCX (COM, ActiveX, .Net) objects. (The terminology depends on the current Microsoft naming strategy.) You can select the objects and interfaces (APIs) according your feature needs, there is no need to occupy a memory with useless data.
This is current list of the components:
ocxMpvView - map viewing (interfaces: IMap, IMpvView, IMpvViewCoordinates, _IMpvViewEvents)
ocxMpvData - map operations (interfaces: IMap, IMpvDataInfo, IMpvDataHighLights, IMpvDataModels, IMpvDataSprites, IMpvDataTracks, IMpvDataFences)
ocxDbs - object info retrieval (interfaces: IMap, IDbsCategories, IDbsSearch)
ocxRtg - route computation (interfaces: IMap, IRtg)

The component list is obviously open, other components are to come -- e.g. GPS, map configuration, etc.