TMC receiver

TMC receiver for Actis 7

Price: 31.50 EUR

Price (VAT incl.): 38.00 EUR

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External GPS Antenna for Actis 7 wifi

External GPS Antenna for SatNav Actis 7 wifi

Price: 30.00 EUR

Price (VAT incl.): 36.00 EUR

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PCMCIA/CF adapter

Adapter PCMCIA/CF pro GPS HI 303 (302)

Price: 19.00 EUR

Price (VAT incl.): 23.00 EUR

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GPS cable

Spare cable for GPS High sensitivity BR-355

Price: 49.00 EUR

Price (VAT incl.): 59.00 EUR

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Cable USB A-MINI 5-pin, 1.8m

The most common cable with a 5-pin MINI-USB connector for connecting cameras, MP3s and other devices to your computer. The cable length is 1.8 meters.

Price: 2.50 EUR

Price (VAT incl.): 3.00 EUR

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Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Adapter (220v AC to 12V DC)

In 220 - 230 V AC

OUT 12 V / 100 mA DC  with Car Cigarette Lighter Socket

This AC adapter for Car Chargers allows you to use your handheld's car charger with any standard wall outlet

Vhodné na cesty pro dobíjení mobilních zařízení s napájením z cigaretového zapalovače.

Price: 3.50 EUR

Price (VAT incl.): 4.50 EUR

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Charger from 220V - 1x USB port, 1000mA

Travel Charger 220V - 1x USB port, 1000mA

Input 220-230V AC

5V / 100mA DC output, USB connector.

The charger is very small, it is suitable for traveling for charging mobile devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, tablets ...

Price: 4.50 EUR

Price (VAT incl.): 5.50 EUR

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