Personal Tracking

Personal Tracking Unit designed for online tracking on battery power.



  • No fees to us
  • Fully configurable
  • Full control
  • Fast charge
  • Large battery (3A)

In the Box

  • VTU 10
  • Dispatching MapExplorer Europe
  • 1 year free access to online dispatching MapsOnline


  • Localisation
  • Tracking
  • Reporting
  • SMS Alarms (optional)
  • Geofencing
  • Communication (with Actis 7 Navigation or software Navigator)
  • Online transfer of data from the cars into bigger logistic systems (e.g. DHL, Lloyds Bank, Progress Vehicle Leasing, Norton Car Hire)

Software runs on PCs with OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

Dispatching software


Realtime route monitoring

You can track your vehicle by two options:

1) Dispatching software MapExplorer

Dispatcher can see in MapExplorer software current position of all vehicles approximatelly every 30 second and it does not matter if the vehicle is in Spain, Russia without any other costs.

2) Web application MapsOnline

The application can be launched in browsers in most computers, smartphones, tablets, androids, iPads, iPhones... without a need to install any software.

In this application you can create for your customers a time-limited access to the vehicle tracking, so that your customers see the location of your vehicles only when you want.

Dispaching software

Dispaching centre consists of user friendly street level mapping software MapExplorer, for tracking your vehicles and controling your fleet. Software enables processing and evaluation of recorded data. On of its most important function is representing passed routes, playback of vehicle going and statistical reports. Another function is electronical Log book.


Log book

Log book is created from saved informations (date, time, position etc.). The whole system works automatically, does not allow to driver to interfere with it, therefor the informations are exact.

Software allows data export to programs for further fleet management, for example SPZ 2007 from Milk Comupters.

Software is for operatins systems Windows 200/ XP/ Vista/ 7.

Remote communication

The VTU10 tracking unit supports remote communication from HQ to the driver when combined with an Actis 7 or PC / Pocket Navigator Navigation system.


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Personal Tracking

Personal Tracking

Complete solution for personal tracking via GSM or GPRS with map of Europe.

Price: 286.00 EUR

Price (VAT incl.): 346.00 EUR